I'm Anurag Prasad.

Anu for short. I am a software engineer and a business-computer science graduate of Boston University. I enjoy exploring eats, overanalyzing watching movies, and getting lost with my best friend. I'm currently looking to join an exciting team where I'd be a good fit.

Feel free to email me[at]anuragprasad[dot]com.

I love my city. 👾

To call New York my home is an un understatement. I'm obsessed with its quirks, its attitude, and its unique ability to integrate traditional and modern aesthetics. I was born in Queens and have been an avid Knicks fan since childhood.

I'm obsessed with urban technology.

I'm fascinated by urban things and digital platforms. A dream of mine is to contribute to a product that tackles an inefficiency of cities. If I could build something that made a million New Yorkers' days a tiny fraction of a percentage less stressful, that would be really cool. Little things add up.

My interest in cities is probably why I got started with technology in the first place, and why my favorite class was Data Mechanics for Pervasive Systems and Urban Applications.

When I'm not building things, I'm extracting useful things from data.

Curiosity leads me, and the accumulation of questions often steers me toward data science endeavors. I think analytics shines in two scenarios:

  1. Elimination of noise so we can devote our time to things that matter (Via Negativa).
  2. (Often unintentional) Discovery of previously hidden insights.

Whether it be for developing products I love or answering simple questions, the opportunity to recreate these two situations inspires me to do what I do.