There is No Should

March 20, 2016

This is a principle I have lived by since I was a child, and one I owe a lot to. This has saved me from situations like putting off work and complaining about late trains. You lose control of yourself when you wait for the environment to help you out. I don't enjoy losing, especially when it's against myself.

The idea is simple:

1. I don’t have to do anything because I should.

Do things because there is either a desire or a need, and do not tell people what to do.

2. Things in the world are not in my favor, and the idea that I should have things my way is toxic.

With these points in mind, we're left with a few options. We can either act or not act. The goal is to make everything actionable. Everything up to you. Nothing up to fate, or what "should" be.

I hope this thought helps you like it has helped me.