Coffee beans I’m brewing right now: The Sensuous Bean (Upper West Side))’s Indonesian Blend.

Here’s some of my favorite music. I appreciate a wide variety of music, but I’m partial to hip hop, rap, and instrumental. I’m also a fan of some Jazz.

Lately I’ve been giving these a spin (new or revisiting):

I don’t want to look back and think “I could’ve eaten that”. I enjoy things ranging from single foods in their plain form to dishes with unconventional ingredients. My favorite food groups are ramen, bakery, and ice cream. You can find lists of some of my favorite food spots here.

I read mostly non-fiction with an urbanist edge, and sometimes philosphy classics. When I do read fiction, I enjoy cyberpunk novels and comics. Some of my favorite books:

I have a thing for films/shows with eerie themes, nostalgic retro settings, and subtle humor. Favorites: